Welcome To Robin's Confections!

We are a Maine-based company focused on making goodies that fulfill your sweet tooth. You can find our products throughout Maine, in various shops and stores. We have been growing quickly since our production began in 2012 and we are developing more products.

Robin’s Confections signature item is the Maine Needham. Needhams, are a New England exclusive candy that uses mashed potatoes, if you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out! Let our new creations make your mouth water too; be on the look for chocolate covered Oreos, including mint and peanut butter, chocolate covered pretzels, bagged candy, and many others.

The website is under a bit of construction as we have just opened up a brand new retail location in Biddeford! Several updates are underway, but please come visit us!!!
586 Alfred Street,
Biddeford, ME

Our Products

'Thank You!' - From Robin's Confections!