Robins Confections began production in 2012. Robin had previously been employed at another candy company, where she learned the skills that make her creations successful today. Her step father, Bob Gartland, owner of Gartland Distributors, decided to create his own home made confections company, with Robin continuing her work with chocolate. 

Bob began by remodeling his basement into a full kitchen area and wrapping station so Robin could work with ease. As Bob owns his own distribution company, with drivers that cover the majority of Maine, we were able to get Robins confections out for people to enjoy very quickly. We are now selling to other distributors, including several out of state. 

Robins Confections signature item is the Maine Needham, a true treat exclusive to New England and developed in Maine. Although the background is a bit hazy, needhams were said to have been created in the 1800’s by a Reverend Needham. Although you taste mostly sugar and coconut covered in chocolate, one of the ingredients happens to be potatoes. Potatoes grow in abundance in Maine and were an easy ingredient to add for texture back then. Robins confections always hand-mashes potatoes, and we believe that’s why our needhams are so moist and delicious. Every single needham is also hand-dipped.

We are growing quickly and developing more products, such as chocolate covered Oreos, including mint and peanut butter, chocolate covered pretzels, bagged candy, and many others.
The website is under a bit of construction as we have just opened up a brand new retail location in Biddeford! Several updates are underway, but please come visit us!!!
586 Alfred Street,
Biddeford, ME
Monday- Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 12-5