Maine Needhams

$ 1.80

The Needham was created in 1872 in Portland, Maine during a revival held by Rev. George Needham. This traditional treat became common, and has been handed down generation to generation. Robin’s needhams are handmade, and hand dipped in a luscious dark chocolate. The inside is filled with coconut, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, salt, and hand mashed Maine potatoes. That’s right- potatoes. Every single needham is also hand-dipped.

Potatoes are abundant in Maine, and they do not affect the taste, except to provide a creamy texture. Sometimes they are referred to as “Maine Potato Candy.” They are our most famous and popular item. Not sure? Try them- you won’t be sorry. 

We have maple needhams available as well, just search for them in the search bar!!

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